Family Child Care Network


The FCCN are programs offered to infants, toddlers and 3-K in a home setting by licensed, qualified, child care providers.

In this setting, children are served in mixed-age groups with other children from birth to twelve years old.

These programs are consistent with 3-K programs offered in center-based and district school settings, and are overseen by the Department of Education and a Family Child Care Network organization that provides instructional resources, coaching, and family support.

Families may choose to enroll their children in Family Child Care homes because of their many unique strengths:

Children can form strong relationships with caregivers by continuing in the same program from six weeks to twelve years old.

Children can interact with other children, including siblings, in a mixed-age setting.

Children can begin their early education in a familiar setting before transitioning to center-or school-based pre-K, or remaining with the provider in an after school setting if that is the family's preference.

Families can have access to programs programs that offer longer days to meet the needs of work or school schedules.

Families can find programs that are conveniently located close to home, work, or school.

Families may find that FCC programs best reflect the language and culture of their community. Like center - and school-based programs, FCC programs help children learn, grow, and explore the world around them. FCC programs use DOE-approved curriculum, and the providers receive professional learning and coaching to support quality play-based instruction.

Services & Benefits

Early Childhood Education

We enhance the quality of child care experiences for numerous infants / toddlers in various locations of the Bronx, N.Y. through free training for providers, additional support services in the provider homes, and the purchasing of needed materials to produce a well-rounded learning environment. 

As children fully participate in our program, the learning curve is enhanced as there is a emphasis on school-readiness goals.

Health / Nutrition Services

We have a qualified nurse available to assist in the review of medical records and ensure compliance with the Department of Health.

We use a preventative approach and encourage the family to follow-up in a timely manner on their schedule of well care visits.

We also have a trained staff available to review menus and ensure compliance with CACFP.

Youth Village Food and Nutrition Center provides reimbursement of meals served by FDC Providers (CACFP Program).

Youth Village CACFP Program

- For Child Care Providers -

Youth Village CACFP provides meal reimbursements to licensed child care providers in the Bronx. Currently we have over 100 child care providers enrolled, serving over 1000 children.

CACFP Benefits

Children are served nutritious meals and snacks and develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Parents know their children are eating safe, healthy meals and snacks. Parents don’t have to pack food to bring to child care.

Providers receive regular training and guidance about many nutrition, mealtime and child development topics. The reimbursement helps providers buy healthier foods.

Communities benefit through CACFP. Studies show that children enrolled in CACFP have healthier diets and are not sick as often as other children. CACFP payments to providers help reduce child care costs for working families.

Learn More about the CACFP Program

Program information including: enrollment, responsibilities, when to apply, who can get the money and contact information.

Families First

We believe that stronger families create more secure and confident children. In order to better support children, we partner with the families to assess current needs and identify resources to address them.

Our staff contacts families and works together with them to map out goals to support a successful outcome. 

Free Training

In order to stay current and on the cutting edge, we offer monthly professional development opportunities. We also offer free training to providers to enhance and build their quality of services.

These trainings include, but are not limited to: Health & Safety Trainings, Creative Curriculum Trainings, and many others.

Day Habilitation Services

Residential Services

Community Habilitation Services

Respite Services

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