Early Head Start Family Child Care

Early Childhood Education

We enhance the quality of child care experiences for numerous infants / toddlers in various locations of the Bronx, N.Y. through free training for providers, additional support services in the provider homes, and the purchasing of needed materials to produce a well-rounded learning environment. 

As children fully participate in our program, the learning curve is enhanced as there is a emphasis on school-readiness goals.

Children are screened within 45 days to identify whether there are any developmental or social-emotional delays. We also ensure that a research-based curriculum is in place.

Services & Benefits

Developmental Disabilities Services

Our support services include a Mental Health Consultant who conducts observations to determine effective strategies and resources for special needs children.

We have a case management approach and services are designed to minimize disruption in the flow of the daily schedule. Each child has an individualized education plan in order to reach their full potential.

Health / Nutrition Services

We have a qualified nurse available to assist in the review of medical records and ensure compliance with the Department of Health. 

All participants are expected to receive hearing, vision, and dental screens for the well-being of the child.

We use a preventative approach and encourage the family to follow-up in a timely manner on their schedule of well care visits. We also have a nutritionist available to review menus and ensure compliance with CACFP.

Families First

We believe that stronger families create more secure and confident children. In order to better support children, we partner with the families to assess current needs and identifiy resources to addresss them.

Our family workers contact families and work together with them to map out goals to support a successful outcome. We also sponsor special events, trainings, workshops and services that are free to our Early Head Start families.

Free Training

In order to stay current and on the cutting edge, we participate in many professional development opportunities. We also offer free training to providers to enhance and build their quality of services.

These trainings include, but are not limited to: CDA Trainings, Health & Safety Trainings, Creative Curriculum Trainings, and many others.

Day Habilitation Services

Residential Services

Community Habilitation Services

Respite Services

Ethel Perez

Coordinator - Developmental Disabilities Services

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