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Annual Public Report

S.E.B.N.C. summer camp 2014 Projects

The following is a brief summary of the projects that were completed by the students of the S.E.B.N.C. summer camp 2014:
Dates: July 8th 2014 - August 15th 2014 (24 total instruction hours)
Location: S.E.B.N.C. 955 Tinton Ave Bronx NY
Program: Stepping into STEM
Injoy7 Technologies, Inc. Staff:
Dabe James-Technology
Xavier McMillian- Technology/ Step
Essence Price -Step
Toni Henderson- Step
Miriam Washington - Step/ Technology

Technology Program Overview

The students participating in the technology agenda were initially responsible for completing two projects:

Creating a four (4) page website using HTML and Word Press platforms. This included color matching, hyperlinking, photo and video embedding, and original content creation including surveys. The subject matter and content was their choice using only the parameters set forth in the original lesson plan (see Injoy7 Technologies, Inc. SEBNC Summer 2014 lesson plan distributed June 2014. Links to the final product are attached to this document.).

Below are links for a few of the student created websites. Please feel free to visit and comment:

Kary Collazo (
Megan Zelaya (
Saviour Cawley (gamerboysaviour)
Khalil Brooks (Khalils random)

The second project was to create a "QR code campaign" that would allow the public to preview their blogs and take the surveys they created. They used the collected data to learn formulas for analysis. (Links to the final product are attached to this document.)

In the third week of the program, we added (by request) our video component. This allowed the technology students to use flip cams and professional equipment to create short "PSA style" videos. They learned basic video creation technology (storyboarding, lighting, rule thirds etc.) to create their stories. Students edited their videos using iMovie and Final Cut Pro X. The featured videos are completely student created from start to finish.

On the final performance day, our students presented their creations using mobile technology: Guests were invited to use the created QR codes on their own smartphones or our provided mobile devices to view the projects.


A few videos that the students created:

Please be sure to comment and encourage our students on their projects. Additionally, we believe, that they produces excellent work based on a very limited 24 hours on total instruction time. Overall we are ver happy with the outcome of the final product.

The Step Program will be reviewed under a separate cover.