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Annual Public Report
Nelson Palacios
Coordinator of Children and Youth Services

Nelson Palacios is the Coordinator Children & Youth Services. He came to SEBNC from the YMCA of Greater New York where he ran Children, Youth & Family programs. He has worked with Youth and Family Services for more than fifteen years. Growing up in Belize, Guatemala and New York City Nelson learned early on how crucial education and a supportive environment to the survival and well-being of individuals and communities.

I am blessed with a job through which I can help influence and shape the personal, social and educational development of the future leaders of tomorrow. Through the “Good Offices” of SEBNC we are afforded the opportunity to provide a safe, caring, supportive atmosphere to the youth while they learn to cultivate their minds and aspire to achieve their dreams.


Our Address:955 Tinton ave.
Bronx, NY 10467


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