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Southeast Bronx Neighborhood Centers, Inc. is a not-for-profit multiservice agency, whose mission statement is to plan, develop, and provide services that enhance the quality of life and facilitate empowerment of the constituents of the Southeast Bronx. SEBNC evolved from the Council House, a project of the National Council of Jewish Women (BNJW) in the 1903's. During the 1940's the population of the Southeast Bronx shifted to a predominately African American constituency. At the juncture, the NCJW invited a group of leaders to assume responsibility for what was then called Forest Neighborhood Houses. In March 1971, the Forest Neighborhood Board of Directors reorganized and reincorporated as Southeast Bronx Neighborhood Centers.

Youth Rugby Instructor

Full-Time, Bronx
Job Category(ies): Athletics

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Modern Dance / Creative Movement Teaching Artist
Full-Time, Bronx
Job Category(ies): Dance

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Our Address:955 Tinton ave.
Bronx, NY 10467


Damyn Kelly
Sheron Gayle
Phyllis Forde
Doreen Myles
Clyde Thompson
Nelson Palacios
Ray McCullom